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Maddy & Declan – Maddy’s tell all!

  • May 19, 2017

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One Night Sin – Maddy & Declan's Story (Chapter 13)


As soon as I hear Father Patch enter into the other side of the confessional booth, I say, “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.” It's instinctive and natural, almost primal in a way.

Except I haven't sinned, at least not yet.

Before Father Patch can say anything, I add, “Um, I haven't actually sinned. Not yet. I know we've talked about this before. It's been a little while since the last time. Not since my last confession. I didn't mean it that way. I confessed a few weeks ago. I meant it's been a little while since we've talked about this. I'm rambling, aren't I? I'm sorry, Father. It's just, um…”

I hear him clear his throat and I think he says something, but it sounds a little muffled. Something kind of like, “Yes, my child, go on.” Maybe? His voice sounds different and suddenly I'm worried that maybe Father Patch is catching a cold.

Or else I'm trying to think of a way to distract myself from confessing my sins. Which I definitely can't do. You can do this, Maddy! I believe in myself. Yes.

“Father, I had a dream last night,” I tell him. I'm ready now. I really am. “I know that we can't control our dreams and God doesn't expect us to, but the thing is, well… I liked it? Again, I know that sometimes things happen, and if we have an…” Can I say this? “An orgasm,” I whisper, blushing.

“I know if it happens in a dream, even if it actually happens to me, it's not really a sin or anything like that,” I say. “The thing is, Father, I dreamed about Declan last night and I think maybe this morning. One dream was fine, and I just dreamed that he came on the back porch and slept with me. Not with me with me, but on a different wicker sofa on our sun porch.”

“And then,” I continue, fully prepared to finish this up and accept my guidance and penance. “Um, well… Declan wasn't there this morning. I haven't seen him yet, actually. I think he must be back, though. It's just, um… so I had a dream about him right before I woke up, and in the dream we were having sex. And I liked it. I really liked it, and I was about to, um… you know… anyways, I know this is wrong. He's my stepbrother, but also Declan's going to be a priest, so does that make it doubly wrong? I don't want to lure him into temptation, Father. I don't even want to fall into temptation myself. It's just, I mean, um… I know I've talked to you about this before, and I… I guess I just thought I'd…”

I don't really know what happens after that. I mean, I know, but… no, I don't know. I don't understand it at first. Father Patch opens the door to his side of the confessional booth and before I know it he's leaving.

“Yeah, I can't do this,” he says. “I can't fucking do this. Holy shit, what are you doing to me, Father Patch? Is this a test from God or what?”

…That's not Father Patch.

I slam open the confessional booth door and stare wide-eyed at the figure retreating down the pews in front of me.

“Declan?” I say, shocked and confused. After a second, full realization sinks in. “Declan! What the heck!”

“Oh, uh, hey, Maddy,” he says to me. “What's up?”

And this is when I make the brave decision to flee the church. My cheeks burn bright red as I realize exactly what I just told my stepbrother.

Did he know? Is this some kind of joke? Is this God punishing me for my wickedness? Because, really now, I don't think I deserve that.

Just because I…

And I just told Declan all of it…

Maybe this is a dream, too?

Nope. It's not. I know because I try to pinch myself while I'm running, except I pinch myself a little too hard, which distracts me, and then I trip on the rug beneath my feet and go tumbling to the ground. Thankfully it's a pretty soft rug and I don't crash into anything painful.

Not that this helps. My ego is thoroughly bruised, regardless.

Thanks. That's a sarcastic thanks. I'm not even thankful!


(The next chapter is available now!)


Well, now that's embarrassing! Um… poor Maddy 🙁

This is one of the parts I was waiting to share with you! I'm excited about what's to come after this, haha. Can Maddy and Declan reconcile their feelings for each other? It's just dreams and fantasies, but what if there's more? How are they going to find out? Oh no. This is going to get complicated, isn't it?

There's going to be more issues than just this popping up, but this is kind of the start of it all. Declan knows how Maddy feels, but she doesn't actually know that he feels the same way yet, so… should he tell her? I'm not sure if that's going to help, haha.

Oddly enough, Father Patch knows how both of them feel since they've both visited him in confession about this more than once. Hmmm…

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Next week's is going to be an extended one since I'm writing extra, so keep an eye out for that. Let me know what you think, too! Maddy and Declan are a lot of fun for me so far, so I hope you like them a lot, too ^_^


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