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Maddy & Declan – These probably aren’t those kind of brownies

  • June 16, 2017

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One Night Sin – Maddy & Declan's Story (Chapter 17)


Grocery shopping! That's normal, right? I think going grocery shopping with my stepbrother is a lot more normal than accidentally confessing to him that I had a sex dream about him.

I'm really glad Declan didn't take it the wrong way. Except I don't even know what I mean by that. How do you take a sex dream confession the right way? Um… I have no idea. Please don't ask me that!

I mean, if Declan and I were married then things would be different. Maybe if we'd been dating for a long long time and we were engaged I might tell him if I had a sex dream about him, too. But, you know, we aren't. We're not married, we haven't dated at all, and I really don't think we're ever going to.

I didn't mean it like that. We aren't! We're not going to. My dad is married to his mom and he's my brother now, so obviously we won't ever be dating. That'd be…

Weird. That's what I'm supposed to say. It'd be weird.

I'd be lying if I told you I've never thought about dating Declan, though. Um…

Don't tell him, though. Alright? The first thing I'm doing when Father Patch gets back from his vacation is I'm going to go to confession and I'm going to talk to him about all of this. I don't even know if confession is enough. I'm going to ask Father Patch if we can have a counseling session and he can help me. I know others have done it before with dating and relationships. It's hard being Catholic sometimes, especially when you're in a relationship and you have urges that should wait until after you're married. It's obviously not exactly abnormal to have these urges, but…

They need to be dealt with? Is that what you call it? I bet Declan would know. I briefly entertain the idea of asking him about it, and then I realize that's a horrible, absolutely terrible idea, basically the worst ever.

Stop, Maddy. Stop! Just… just get a pad of paper, go into the kitchen, and…

Grocery shopping. I can do this. I believe in myself.

I take a piece of paper from the magnetic pad on the fridge. Declan's mom got that for us when she and Declan first moved in. My dad never used to make a list for groceries, which ended in us having a lot of random stuff all throughout the house. We'd have four different bags of chips, all different flavors, and then sour cream, frozen hamburger patties, hot dog buns, relish, a half bunch of partially brown bananas, and orange juice concentrate.

Needless to say, meals with my dad weren't exactly the most exciting. Do I even have to tell you how weird it is trying to stuff a hamburger in a hot dog bun and then topping it with sour cream and relish? Sometimes he'd crush up some chips and add them on top like a garnish, which actually tasted pretty good.

Declan's mom changed all of that, though. We had real meals afterwards, and I helped her out a lot. I like cooking, but my dad's never really been into it. Declan's an amazing cook, too. I think he learned from his mom, which is nice. Sometimes we would all cook together. My dad has a knack for knowing exactly when my stepmom is wearing her “Kiss the Cook” apron and he always comes into the kitchen to do exactly that. It's cute and I love them both so much.

I love Declan, too. I just don't really know how I love him. I don't think I can be in love with him, because that's what happens after you've been dating someone for awhile. I'm supposed to love him like a brother, but I don't know if that's the truth, either. Is that wrong?

And… grocery shopping…

I take a pen from a coffee mug filled with them that we keep on the island in the middle of the kitchen. At the top of the paper I grabbed earlier, I write “Maddy and Declan's Grocery List.” There! It's official. We have a list. Now just to figure out what to put on it.

I go through the fridge first. Eggs. We have some, but we could use more. And butter. We have plenty of milk, so I don't write that down. Declan and I probably need meat, but I don't know what kind. I just write down meat as one of the items and hope we can figure it out while we're there. Ooh, pickles! We have a small jar, but I really like those giant jars of pickles. Declan makes fun of me, though, but I don't care. They're a great snack and they're pretty healthy for you.

I write down a few more things that we're missing from the fridge and then I head to the cupboards. I open the first and immediately notice we have plenty of crackers. My dad loves them. He tries to pretend they're healthier for you than chips, but I really don't think they are. I mean, maybe Triscuits are alright now and then, but…

I add Triscuits to the list, because now I want some. Oh, and cheese! We definitely need some cheese. Maybe tomatoes and mozzarella to go with the Triscuits? That's kind of healthy if we just have it as a snack now and then. I leave a few spots in case Declan wants to get some snacks, too. Like maybe pepperoni or summer sausage. I had a dream about Declan's sausage last night.

Oh my God, why did I just think that? It just happened. I don't even know. It seemed like a silly joke at the time, but this is no joking matter!

I'm sorry, God. I'm taking this seriously, I promise. Declan and I are going to work through this and overcome all of our obstacles and become better people. I know we can do it.

While I'm inwardly apologizing to God and also making a mental note of all of the sordid details I need to discuss with Father Patch when I go to confession next, I go rifling around the cupboards deeper than I normally do.

I'm honestly not even sure what's back here. I find some questionable cans of baked beans and canned vegetables. Seems more like an emergency stock than anything, but we're all stocked up in case of an emergency so that's good.

Is brownie mix an emergency? Because I find a box of it hiding way back behind a bunch of other stuff in one of the cupboards. I'm not sure I ever really go into this cupboard, either. Sitting there next to the brownie mix, sort of lonely and almost empty, is a plastic jar of coconut oil. Huh.

And… I suddenly have an amazing idea. I know what I can do. I know how to bring Declan and I closer together as brother and sister and how we can work towards ridding ourselves of our illicit thoughts of temptation.

Brownies. I think it's obvious. It makes perfect sense, right?

I think it does and that's all that matters. I'm sure Declan will agree with me.

I check the fridge again quick to make sure I have enough eggs. I want to make the brownies before he gets home so I can leave them to cool on the counter while we go grocery shopping. Then we can have them as dessert with our pizza, which sounds kind of amazing if you ask me. We can watch a nice movie together, spend quality family time eating pizza, and then eat our pure and wholesome brownies.

There's just enough eggs for this box of brownie mix. Thank you, God! I really appreciate it.

I take the brownie mix and the coconut oil out of the cupboard and put it on the island with the eggs. I don't know if I've ever made brownies with coconut oil instead of regular vegetable oil before, but I bet it's good. Probably different, but still good. I hope they turn out alright. I hope Declan likes them.

It'll be fine. Everything will be fine.

I add a couple more things to the grocery list and then I get to work making these brownies. I haven't done it in awhile, but the instructions on the box are simple enough.

I preheat the oven to three-hundred-and-fifty degrees and I grease the bottom of a glass baking pan with a little bit of coconut oil instead of cooking spray since we don't have any. Don't worry, cooking spray is on the list. I pour the brownie mix into a large bowl along with two eggs, half a cup of coconut oil, and a quarter cup of water. Mix mix stir until everything's well blended.

Pan. Pour. Spread. And…

Bake! The whole thing goes into the oven for about twenty minutes. That should be plenty of time, and hopefully Declan will be back by the time they're done.

I want the house to smell like brownies for him. Seeing him happy after realizing what I've done sounds really exciting. Maybe if the brownies are cooled by the time he gets here we can have one as a treat before we go grocery shopping.

I can't wait!

(The next chapter is available now!)


Now, this scene might not seem too exciting at first, but it's going to come back later and things are going to happen. I know it's just brownie mix and a grocery list, so it's not like there's anything too crazy going on, but…

I don't know. There might be? They could be really good brownies. If you've read Caleb and Scarlet's bonus scenes, Scarlet believes that brownies are the most important thing as far as the girl Caleb should be with. She should be able to make him brownies. Maddy and Declan don't have a lot to do with Caleb and Scarlet, but if it's true for Scarlet then maybe it's true for Maddy, too? This is getting complicated, haha.

I just wanted to put a little calm before the storm! Next week's chapter is going to be extra long and a lot more dramatic, so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. Declan's going to deal with Paul, and Paul isn't exactly looking for salvation here. Ugh!

I hope you're enjoying the story so far! If you want me to add any specific types of scenes or ideas, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Bye for now!


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