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Hi! Welcome to the Exclusive Cherrylily ARC list sign up form!

This list is a little different from a usual list. The only way to gain access is through invitation. Now that you know the secret website, you're welcome to invite people, as well. Just send them a link to this page =)

By signing up, you're agreeing to receive special advance offers to read books by Cherrylily authors. These vary somewhat, but they'll all be romantic to varying degrees.

Here's how it works:

You'll occasionally receive email offers to be an ARC reader for various authors that you've shown an interest in.

If you're interested in the book you receive an offer for, there'll be instructions on how to get a copy for advance reviewing purposes.

Once you receive the book, you'll be asked to read it and leave your review on Amazon, Goodreads, and anywhere else that you like to review books at within a 1-2 week period.

(If there are a lot of Cherrylily ARC offers at any one time, and you accept more than one, you'll be given some leniency, but this probably won't happen often)

There'll also be an additional form after for you to link to your review so that you can let us know you've reviewed it in a timely manner.

And, that's it! Easy, right?

But… there are some requirements. If you want to continue receiving offers, you must remain active and enthusiastic about it. If you aren't interested in some of the books, that's perfectly fine. If you thought you'd like a book, but you end up not really interested and you don't want to review it, that's alright, too. This shouldn't be seen as a way to get free books, though. You'll certainly receive plenty, but all we ask is that you pay back the favor by posting a review in order to help out the authors involved, too.

ARC offers will be sent out approximately 1-2 weeks before each new book release.

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