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Stepbrother With Benefits 1 – Chapter 14 (Audiobook)

  • May 6, 2016

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To celebrate the one year anniversary of Stepbrother With Benefits, I thought it'd be fun to share the audiobook version of Stepbrother With Benefits one with everyone!

Don't forget to listen to the previous chapters if you haven't already!

Chapter 1 – Introduction / Chapter 2 – Ashley's first scene
Chapter 3 – Ethan's first scene / Chapter 4 – Ashley comes home from college
Chapter 5 – Ethan's initial reaction to Jake
Chapter 6 – Ashley listens to Ethan's proposal
Chapter 7 – Ashley gives in to Ethan's bad boy ways for the night
Chapter 8 – Ethan remembers when he kissed Ashley at a party / Chapter 9 – Ashley tells Ethan that was her first kiss, and dares him to…
Chapter 10 – Ethan follows through with Ashley's dare…
Chapter 11 – Ethan considers what just happened / Chapter 12 – Ashley wakes up the morning after!
Chapter 13 – Why did Ethan do that? What a jerk!

I'll be posting new chapters every day on SoundCloud, and also adding them here, along with mentioning them in the celebration event on Facebook. (which you can join here)

If you've read the books, you'll already know this, but please note that a lot of these chapters will contain sexy scenes (sometimes very sexy…), profanity, and potentially taboo or controversial subject matter.

They're fun and flirty and steamy, but probably don't listen to them in places you shouldn't listen to fun and flirty and steamy things, alright? <3

Today we've got Chapter 14 (Ethan makes Ashley breakfast)

(You can also download the SoundCloud app to your phone or some tablets/eReaders and listen to it that way)

Chapter 14 (Ethan makes Ashley breakfast)

I'll be making a playlist of the entire audiobook once it's been uploaded for the celebration, so if you want to listen to it from start to finish, make sure to check back soon!

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