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Stepbrother With Benefits 16 Teaser

  • January 3, 2016

This teaser is not fully edited and may be changed slightly in the final version. Please enjoy it for what it is! ❤

16 Teaser


It's getting late and I'm tired as fuck. Not sleepy tired or anything, but I just kind of want to sit down and do something mindless. Maybe watch an action movie with a lot of explosives or look at porn or something.

It's not like I actually want to look at porn, but you have to admit it's a pretty mindless activity, right? There's not a lot to it. Go to your favorite website of choice and there's a bunch of naked people having sex. The thing is, actually having sex is hard sometimes. Or I'm hard while having sex. One of those.

It's a lot of fun, but then you get tired after, and that's what cuddling is for. There's no cuddling after looking at porn. I don't even know why I'm thinking of checking out porn, because I don't think I could get an erection if I tried.

Unless, uh… this is for science, alright? I'm doing a scientific experiment here. Leave me alone.

I pick up my phone and go to my saved pictures, then find the one that Ashley sent me earlier. I'm not sure this is going to work. I'm going to admit to you right now that I don't have high expectations for this science experiment here. I'm…

Alright, yeah, I was wrong. Maybe this isn't my proudest erection ever, but it could definitely do the job. Fuck. Why did I do that? I just got done watching Ashley play with herself in the shower, which was real fucking nice, and now I'm sitting in my dorm room with an erection I don't even want.

Holy fuck, did I just say that?

Well, the problem is that I do want this erection, but I just want to thrust it hard into Ashley's perfect as fuck pussy, but she's hours away from me. Also, I don't think I can convince her to help me out with this one. She already went out of her way to do the shower thing, which… yeah… fuck, I loved that. I don't know why it's seriously fucking erotic watching her sexy wet body, slick with soap, just shiny as fuck, while she teases her hands and fingers around every fucking gorgeous inch of her soft skin.

Yeah, I mean, I'd rather be the one doing the teasing and touching, but I'm willing to let Ashley do it herself now and then. Also, it's kind of fun to watch. It's like homework, but sexy homework, right? Seeing where she goes, what she does, what she likes to do. It's like gaining some secret as fuck information about the inner workings of the girl I want to give orgasms to.

There you go. Shit, I gave it away, didn't I? I can't tell Caleb about this. Don't you even fucking dare tell anyone. This is like… my absolute biggest fucking secret in the world.

I guess it's not that big of a secret. Tell whoever the fuck you want. What do I care?

If you want to please a girl, the easiest way to do it is convince her to play with herself while you watch. And you have to really fucking watch, alright? Sit your ass down, and pay attention. What's she doing? Where's she touching herself? Is she lingering somewhere specific, or is it just a brief and fleeting tease? Teasing is fun sometimes, but we all know there's a time for it and then there's a time for getting down to business.

Yeah, it's going to be sexy as fuck. I get that. It's going to be hard. You're going to be hard. You're just going to want to fuck the shit out of her, but if you can just hold back for like… two fucking minutes. Just two minutes, I swear.

She'll show you what she likes. She might be nervous, but you just tell her you like it. Whisper soft words into her ear or whatever you want. Be a nice fucking gentleman, because, look, if she's going to do this for you, I'm pretty sure you're about to have sex no matter what. Don't be an asshole if a girl's going to have sex with you.

Wait, shit, I got sidetracked. This information is for guys only. No girls allowed. It'd blow our cover. Fucking A…

I'm done. I am completely fucking done writing this sex education essay in my head. Yeah, I don't know why I like to do that sometimes. It's just interesting, I guess. It's interesting how many guys don't even care, and they're just like, hey, I've got a cock, and you have a vagina. I want to put my cock in your vagina. Uh, duh…

I mean, look, I get it, that's nice, but if you use some finesse it'll be nicer. I promise. I wouldn't lie to you.

I need to get out of my room before I write all of this down and try to send it to Cosmo as a magazine article or something. Or Maxim. Fuck, which would I send it to? Maybe both?

Ethan, stop.

Alright, that worked. I get up and thankfully I don't have an erection anymore. I pull my pants on, zip them up, grab a shirt, and head to my door. Do I bring my phone? Yeah, I guess I do. Need to be prepared in case my beautiful fucking Princess wants to talk or something.

I hope it's sexy talk. I can handle just regular talking and niceness, but I just had an erection, so, uh…

I head out of my room and walk down the hall. Some people just like to be alone, and that's cool. I like being alone sometimes, too, but I like doing it where there's other people. Fuck you if you don't think that makes any sense. It makes perfect fucking sense.

I head to the common room, maybe to play pool or watch TV or something. I just don't want to do it with anyone else at the moment. The double doors are wide open, but the lights are off. I flip them on, then check out what I'm working with here.

Not all common rooms are created equally. This one is pretty nice by most standards, though. They're all wide, which is nice. This one has a couch about halfway into the room in front of the door, just sitting there. Pretty big couch, too. Against the wall is a big TV.

To the left is… fuck if I know. Oh, shit, I know what that is? Why the fuck…

It's those damn cheerleaders, man. They did this on purpose. This is a guy's only floor, but the cheerleaders like to set up these little fucking study areas in some of the common rooms, which is basically a table and some chairs, then bean bags, and a shelf with some books. It's like a miniature library, except it's in the common room, so that makes no fucking sense whatsoever. The common rooms aren't known for being quiet.

Thank fuck the other side is regular, though. Except it's got a ping pong table. Fuck my life. I don't hate ping pong tables. They're fun for uh… beer pong, which, if you couldn't have guessed, is not going to happen in the common room in the dorms. Kind of against the rules, actually.

I hop over the back of the couch and land on the cushions like I own the place. Technically, right now I think I do. I'm the only one here, so I'm the official Common Room King or something. Look, let's just go with it, alright?

There's a coffee table in front of the couch with a pair of remotes on it, one for the DVD player and another for the TV. I grab the TV one, turn on the TV, and then flip through the channels.

First, there's a commercial with a girl in a bikini running slow motion down the beach. My cock twitches a little, but honestly I don't think this girl is as sexy as Ashley. I saw my Little Miss Perfect Princess in a bikini quite a few times this summer, and each and every one of those was sexy as fuck.

Also, holy fuck, do you know how amazing it is to fuck her while she's still in the bikini?

Like… alright, let me set the scene here. Ashley and I were at the beach this one time. We were about to go get some lunch. Just us, no one else there but other random beach people. She tells me she's going to the bathroom to use one of the public showers. They've got these little shower stalls at one side of the bathroom so you can clean off and then change into regular clothes if you want.

I'm supposed to pack up our shit while she does that, but… I did not pack up our stuff at that exact moment. I did pack it up later, but I had other things on my mind.

Female restroom, so female showers, but seriously the way she was shaking her ass at me as she walked away. Also, she did it on purpose. It's your own damn fault, Princess. I saw her looking over her shoulder at me, and she even winked and blew me a kiss.

She thought I wouldn't, but I have a reputation to uphold, and I am most definitely a bad boy, so…

When she went into the showers, I followed after her. You can't do this shit while being sneaky, though. Then you look like a creep. You just have to waltz right the fuck in, don't even give a fuck. So I did that, found Ashley in her shower stall, just cleaning off, rinsing her sexy as fuck body of the ocean water and sand, and…

She stared at me open-mouthed at first. I shut the stall door quick, locked it, and moved in for the kill.

Which, uh… yeah, so that involved me pushing her against the back of the shower wall, lifting her thigh, pulling her bikini bottoms aside, and slamming hard into her. This was kind of a quickie moment for the both of us. What the fuck do you expect? I was in the women's bathroom in a public place. Fuck, man…

I liked it, though. Pretty fucking sure she liked it, too. The way she kept blushing at me after, even while we were ordering food at a beachside restaurant, uh… yeah. That day was kind of perfect. The entire summer was perfect.

And now here I am, sitting on a couch in the common room, looking at… what the fuck am I even watching?

Bowling? Uh… yeah, there's bowling on TV. Some local thing, I guess. I have no idea. I have nothing against bowling, but I'm not exactly a fan of watching people bowl. I guess I don't get the appeal of something like that.

Also, there's someone behind me. I can see the shadow looming across the couch and towards the TV. I'm being stalked. Fuck.

“Bowling?” she asks. “Really? What the fuck?”

“Fuck you,” I say, turning around. “What the fuck are you doing here, Scarlet? I'm trying to relax.”

“Coming to find you, Mr. Moneybags,” she says. “You weren't in your room, though.”

“How would you know? I locked the door when I left.”

“These locks suck,” she says, just shrugging. She walks around the side of the couch, then plops down right next to me. “I picked the lock after you didn't answer, and then when I saw you weren't there I came here. I'm disappointed, though. Bowling?”

I change the channel to… some B horror movie where some barely clothed girls are making out. That's how they get you, though. They're both about to die. I'm pretty sure that's how this works. I've watched enough trashy horror movies to know how it goes.

“Better,” Scarlet says with an approving nod. “Fuck, they're breasts are huge, though.”

“Yeah,” I say. “You jealous?”

She gives me a dirty look and refuses to answer. It's not like she really has anything to be jealous about. Her breasts aren't huge or anything, but she's small as fuck, almost dainty or some shit, and they're pretty nice for her body. Don't tell Ashley I said that.

“Stop thinking about my breasts, you creep,” Scarlet says, staring at me.

“What the fuck, are you psychic now?”

“I know that look. I've seen it plenty of times before.”

“Get the fuck out of here. I'm trying to watch a movie.”

“It's almost over,” Scarlet says. “Also, you weren't even watching a movie. You were watching some old guys bowl. Lame.”

“Whatever,” I say. “You said you were looking for me? What do you want?”

“Well, old buddy,” she says, putting her arm over my shoulder like we're best friends. What the fuck? “I wanted to let you know about one of my classes and their initiative this year. It's a creative art experiment. Very modern and chic.”

Alright, hold up. This reminds me of something, and it's…

“You don't even fucking go to this school,” I tell her. “How'd you get into the dorms?”

“I'm an art major,” she says, like this explains everything.

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