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Stepbrother With Benefits 14 Teaser

  • November 5, 2015

ADDED BONUS! Want to listen to an audio teaser for the upcoming Stepbrother With Benefits audiobooks? Check it out on Facebook and let me know what you think!

Friends with benefits, stepbrother with benefits, what's the difference? – Stepbrother With Benefits Audio Teaser

This teaser is not fully edited and may be changed slightly in the final version. Please enjoy it for what it is! ❤
(Some sexy words were edited out, but will be included in the official version, as well)

14 teaser


I wake up the next morning before my phone's alarm goes off. This is good, and I was hoping I'd wake up early, because… well, when you wake up early, you have more time for things, right?

In this particular case, the things I want to have more time with specific activities involving my stepbrother, who just so happens to be laying in bed with me. We're spooning, which isn't how we usually sleep, but it does happen every so often. I'm actually pretty happy that it happened right now, because I can feel Ethan's slumbering erection prodding with distinct purpose between my thighs.

He grinds against me in his sleep, and I grind back against him while I'm awake. Unfortunately we're both wearing just enough that I can't wake him up with sex, but maybe I can fix that?

I pull my panties aside, and then try to reach back and pull Ethan's underwear down, too. His erection refuses to make this an easy task, though. I fidget and move and squirm, and then right when I think I'm just about to do it, um…

“Having problems there, Princess?” Ethan asks me, whispering into my ear.

“Um… no?” I answer, trying to act coy and innocent.

Yes, I'm not sure how I'm going to pull that coy and innocent act off considering I have my fingers wrapped around him, but I think I can make this work.

“Maybe I can help you?” he asks, smooth.

I feel his grin stretching across my neck as he kisses me and smiles. Then I feel something else stretching inside me as he, well… I mean, this isn't rocket science here.

Ethan rocks back and forth, pushing deeper and deeper inside me with each twist of his body. I sidle close to him, grinding back against him. Oh, yes, this is exactly how I wanted to wake up.

And then all hell breaks loose. That's how it usually goes, isn't it?

I guess it's not the worst ever, but as soon as Ethan's pressed firmly inside me as far as he can go and as much as I can take, both our alarms start to go off simultaneously. We ignore it for a moment, relishing the feeling of our bodies pressed tight together, but soon it just becomes kind of annoying. The sounds, not the… you know, because I don't even know how that can be annoying.

It really doesn't help that our alarms are completely different, either. Ethan's is just a sort of continuous beep beep beep, and mine is almost like the start of a sing or a jingle, and together they sound like maybe a cat and a dog fighting with a raccoon and a walrus. Suffice to say, it's not a pleasant sound.

I reach for my phone, and Ethan reaches for his, but our phones are on completely different bedside tables. We have to stretch to get them, which pulls us apart, and I pout a little when I feel him slide out of me. I wanted that! I had very special plans for Ethan, and I don't like that my plans are delayed.

Also, um… the alarms were set for a reason, so…

Ethan turns his alarm off, and I turn mine off. This is good. They're off, and we can get back to…

He pounces me, pinning me to the bed, and then practically rips my panties aside so he can thrust hard into me. I gasp and my eyes roll into the back of my head. Oh my God, yesss…

This is good. Back to business!

Then my mom knocks on Ethan's door. Ugh. Really, Mom?

“Rise and shine, you two!” she says, sounding far more cheerful than anyone should at this time of the morning.

“Mom!” I whine, except right when I say it Ethan pulls out and slams back into me hard, which kind of turns my whine into a moan. Um… I did not mean to do that…

“Don't make me break this door down!” she shouts back at me. “We've got a lot to do. No time to play around this morning!”

“Five minutes?” I ask, pleading with her. “I'm tired…”

“Oh, yes, it sounds like you're tired,” she says. “I can hear Ethan's bed making very tired noises right now.”

“Ethan!” I hiss at him. “We're supposed to be tired!”

“Fuck that,” he says, grinding into me.

“Two minutes!” I beg my mom.

“You have ten seconds before I open this door and throw you both into separate showers,” my mom answers.

“Is it locked?” I ask Ethan.

“Yeah,” he says.

Alright, so she can't get in, which means that, um… well, we really shouldn't be doing this, but if we're fast, then…

My mom is counting, though. She's down to five now. And four. Three. After two, she pauses.

“I should probably remind you two that I know how to pick the locks to these doors and I brought a bobby pin for just that purpose, which I'm inserting into the lock right now…”

“Fuck,” Ethan says, grunting.

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  • Johanna says:
    November 7, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Love the teaser. Can’t wait to read book 14. Ethan and Ashley just make my day. Love be them together. You have become one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!

  • Tara says:
    November 5, 2015 at 11:24 pm

    OMG I can not wait to read book 14 the teaser is great and I want more ? Love these two and I positively love the parents!!!

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