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Caleb and Scarlet Make an Ex Tape Teaser

  • November 17, 2017

Art college final project? Sometimes you play it safe, sometimes you make an ex tape. 1 - Introduction "Lights, camera, action!" *Clack* Oh. My. Fucking. God. How do you end up in a frat house bedroom with a guy you just met thrusting hard into you, his cock pounding into your pussy over and over again, so deep that you feel like you're about to break? Except you like it. You want to break. You want him to keep going until you cum, and then he cums, except, no, he... he can't do that. Not like this. Because... There's not enough time to explain any of that. I can't tell...

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Daddy Issues Teaser

  • June 21, 2017

Good girls get cuddled. Bad girls get spanked... then cuddled. *** INTRODUCTION Do you know how fucking difficult it is to concentrate when you have the ass of an eighteen year old girl wearing yoga pants in your face? Seriously, do you? I didn't ask for this. I wanted to do yoga. Legitimate yoga. This isn't supposed to be some kind of set up for an x-rated movie. I'm not supposed to be staring at Fiona's fine as fuck curves, and I'm definitely not supposed to notice that her yoga pants are so tight that I can literally see every inch of her pussy in glorious detail through the thin,...

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