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Maddy & Declan – One night sin… (part 1)

  • August 25, 2017

(Updates are planned for every Friday afternoon/evening) To catch up on the previous chapters, please check out the full story page here: Maddy & Declan's Story - One Night Sin You can read Maddy and Declan's story on Wattpad, too! Wattpad has an app you can dowload for your phone, Kindle, or other tablet that makes reading stories on the go easy. Definitely check it out. One Night Sin on Wattpad There may be typos or other mistakes in this story, as it has not been fully edited yet. These will be fixed in future updates. Please enjoy it for what it is! ❤ One Night...

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Stepbrother With Benefits 1 – Chapter 10 (Audiobook)

  • May 2, 2016

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Stepbrother With Benefits, I thought it'd be fun to share the audiobook version of Stepbrother With Benefits one with everyone! Don't forget to listen to the previous chapters if you haven't already! Chapter 1 - Introduction / Chapter 2 - Ashley's first scene Chapter 3 - Ethan's first scene / Chapter 4 - Ashley comes home from college Chapter 5 - Ethan's initial reaction to Jake Chapter 6 - Ashley listens to Ethan's proposal Chapter 7 - Ashley gives in to Ethan's bad boy ways for the night Chapter 8 - Ethan remembers when he kissed Ashley...

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